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Courtney Trowman

Assistant Director,

​Courtney’s journey in the arts has plunged into dance, acting, poetry, painting, and photography. Her near 30 year dance career includes The Dayton Ballet, Kettering Youth Ballet, Lion’s Pounce Dance Theater, and ZDC. Courtney has previously pursued a career in massage therapy giving her a deeper understanding of the body, which eventually led her back to dance professionally full time in 2004. She attained her Yoga Teacher Training, bringing more mindfulness to her own performance as well as her direction of the dancers. Courtney has also been writing for 20 years, inking seven books of poetry, and maintains a colorful travel-blog called ‘The Rover’.  Courtney is at home with the role of Assistant Director and was thrilled to present the marriage of her two passions, poetry and dance, premiering ‘A Conversation of Chairs’ at The Fringe in Brighton, England in 2013.​


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