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with Rina van de Kamp
Private workshops may be set up by notifying Ms. van de Kamp via email in "Contact" info under "More."
ZDC Abroad

We've been blessed to bring our biggest international works and cast to Brighton, UK for the Brighton Fringe Festival; Edinburgh, Scotland twice for the Original Fringe Festival!; Guatemala twice; and Greece. We love to push the boundaries of dance, theater, expectations and emotions within the framework of live art. 

Our last multidisciplinary work, with a larger cast, was in Edinburgh, Scotland August 20-25, 2018! Performances were of new piece created for the festival entitled: Night of Glass. This was held at theSpaceUK-Triplex-Big. 

Coming up...a newly created dance-theater piece entitled "Audrey - A Beautiful Release", based loosely on the young life of Audrey Hepburn. We will be in Iceland, Norway, and Finland!



Okay... we are finally got to work with some colleagues, and outright crazy, wonderful artists friends of ours whom we have known since our U.K. work in 2012. We are excited to have Lewis and Hugo on board! We had a fabulous production of NIGHT OF GLASS. With this addition of several "new" company members, whom we've known but have been unable to work with until actual total of seven people...we embarked on a fun project to play with! We shall see what comes next.                         

And of course, there is a second "bee in our bonnet" creatively. A completely different show. It will be a theater based show with original script written about an American film icon. Shhhh...we're not telling you...Stay tuned...well, actually we already let it's on  Synopsis of Current Production page!
Courtney Trowman, Assistant Director

Long time company member and ZDC backbone, Courtney Trowman, has been Assistant Director since 2012. Courtney premiered her first choreography in "A Conversation of Chairs" for ZDC's show in Brighton, U.K. and at home. While whisking herself abroad with travels and life experience, she is back in the saddle going full throttle.​

Courtney has been a vital cornerstone of ZDC since 2007. Her dance work, theatricality, visual art, poetry, and dedication behind the scenes has been a part of ZDC. ZDC (formerly named Daughter of Zion aerial dance company) wouldn't be where we are without her love, light, talent and unstoppable tenacity. We are so excited for her continued role and increased artistic presence in ZDC!

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