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Rina van de Kamp

Artistic Director,


Artistic Director, Rina van de Kamp: with more than 130 choreographed works to her name and several awards, Rina counts among the gems of her career: being one of the OG's of Diavolo beginning in the very first years with their massive architectural sets; performing with Mikhail Baryshnikov; and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Her mentors include: Meridith Monk, Terry Sendgraff (originator of Single-Point Trapeze aerial dance), John Malashock, David Woodbury, and Julie McLeod. She loves to collaborate with painters, poets, architects, sculptors, photographers and composers. She served as President of Santa Barbara Dance Alliance and the Program Director of Dance at Cate School in Carpinteria, California, enjoying both for seven years. Rina teaches workshops in aerial dance, choreography, modern and contemporary dance, and Nia Five Stages.  Her first company, Equinox Dance Theater performed from 1990-1992. In 2002, she created Zion Dance Company (ZDC), (known at first as Daughter of Zion aerial dance company), a contemporary dance theater company that uses sets and aerial apparatus in the creation of its themes.  At UCLA, Rina earned a degree in dance and was the recipient of the Stark Award - for recognition as an emerging artist with grant monies for a specific project. Additionally four grants for artistic achievement were awarded. She is thrilled to bring incarnations of dance and theater to audiences across the globe. 


Performing and Choreographic Experience

2002 to present      Artistic Director, Zion Dance Company                      *Shows listed  ZDC resumé

2003 - dancer        Santa Barbara, California. Solos with                      Piano or Not                                               Choreographer: Elliot Feld 

                     Danced with Mikhail Baryshnikov


2002 - dancer        Santa Barbara, California

                     Maguy Marin Dance Company                                   Director: Maguy Marin

2002 - choreographer Ventura, California

                     Guest Artist for Ventura College Dance                      Company 

                     Moments Before Wakening


2002 - choreographer Santa Barbara, California 


                     New Works     

                     Dancer: Heather Carney-Shea


2001 - dancer/actor  Santa Barbara, California 

                     DramaDogs, a Theater Company 

                     Cardinal Sin - January; and May                            Stoop...four One Act Plays About                            Women 

                     Director: Ken Gilbert.

1999 - dancer        Santa Barbara, California 

                     Undone                                                     Choreographer’s Forum 

                     Choreography: Julie McLeod

1998 - dancer        Santa Barbara, California 

                     Passionate Artists…Powerful                                Art 

                     Choreographer: Steven Lovelace                             Vocalists: Ann Burridge, Liz Kinsch

1997 - dancer        Santa Barbara, California

                     Signs of Awakening 

                     Sign Language: Michael Purcell

                     Directors: Michael Purcell                                  & Kim Jones 

                     Slides: Joanne A. Calitri Wind                              Sculpture: Lee Coulter

1996-1998, dancer    Santa Barbara, California

                     Improv Inc. Performing company                              Directed by Julie McLeod 

            Performed:                                                         -Santa Barbara Museum of Art

                     Sound Stair Sculptor: 

                     Christopher Jura


                    -Woodland Jam 

                     Music by Gianna Abondolo

                     Vocalist: Wendy McClure


                   -Choreographer’s Forum

                   -Santa Barbara Museum of Art

                    Closing of: The Figure in Motion


                   -Santa Barbara Museum of Art

                    Opening of: The Figure In Motion 

                    Composer/Film Creator: Dick Dunlap

                   -UC Santa Barbara 

                    Tap Away. Performed with tapper Sam                         Weber

1996 -choreographer Hollywood, California 


                    Director: Kate Bridges                                     Hollywood High School


1995 -choreographer Hollywood, California

                    Pajama Game 

                    Director: Kate Bridges

                    Hollywood High School


1994-1995, dancer   Los Angeles, California

                    Diavolo Dance Theater

                    Director: Jaques Heim 


                   -D2R - Premier

                    Edinburgh Fringe Festival 

                    Set Designers: Daniel Wheeler & Roger                       Webb 

                    Composer and live performance Jean-                         Pierre Bedoyan

                   -Teté en L’air

                    Premier at Highways Performance Space                      Los Angeles, California


                   -also performed Teté en L'air at                             CalArts; Dance Kaleidoscope, and                           Edinburgh Fringe Festival

1994 - dancer       Los Angeles, California

                    Between Lines

                    Artistic Director: Winifred Harris

1994 - dancer       Los Angeles, California

                    UCLA Dance Company         

actor, singer       The Memory of All That 

                    Choreographed: Janis Brenner                               Composer: Howard Richman. Musicians:                       Fancisco Castillo, Howard Richman

1993 - dancer       California 

                    UCLA Repertory Tour Ensemble


                    Text and choreography by Winnie                             Ladd, Ming Ng, Roxanne Williams 


                    Choreographer: Sara Michler

1991 - dancer       San Diego, California 

                    My Dad the Inventor by The High                             Risk Group 

                    Director: Rick Darnell 


1990-1991           San Diego, California 

Artistic Director/  Equinox Dance Theatre      choreographer         


            -Vicissitudes, an evening of Dance 

                    San Diego, California


            -Apparitions, Sushi Gallery; Options Gallery;                       San Diego, California

            -Artists Mardi Gras Masked Ball Combined                           Organization for the Visual Arts

                    La Jolla, California

            -A Hefty Piece/If I Could be God, Options                           Gallery; San Diego, California

                    Paintings: Barry Ebner, Michael Beeler                      Original Score: Royce Ferguson

            -Artists Open House 

                  Structured Improvisation at Options                         Gallery; San Diego, California



2011-2017          Cate School

                   Head of Dance

                   Modern Dance, Ballet, Choreography,&                        Dance History 

                   Choreograph and direct yearly dance                        concert; assist the theater director                        with yearly theater productions

                   Ages 14-18

2002-present       Zion Dance Company

                   Teach workshops in low-flying aerial                        work, dance theater, pilates, breath and                    spinal techniques for character                            development 

                   Ages 16-adult

2000-2004          Los Olivos Dance Gallery

                   Los Olivos, California

                   Modern dance, low-flying aerial work                       Ages 13 to adult


1996-1998          Dance Warehouse 

                   Santa Barbara, California                                   Intermediate Modern

                   Creative Movement ages 4-7


1994               Diavolo Dance Theatre

                   Cal State University at Fullerton    


                   Lecture Demonstration


1990               UCSD Extension


                   San Diego, California

1990               Creative Arts Day Care 

                   Chula Vista, California

                   Creative Movement and Ballet

                   Ages 4-12


Directing, choreographing, sound design, writing, improvisation, partnering, low-flying aerial work, stage managing, directing, producing, administration, development. 

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