Technical & Performance Requirements

*Basic Requirement. May change depending on show.

Touring staff of Zion Dance Company (ZDC): Total of 9 people.

  • Artistic Director - Rina van de Kamp

  • Assistant Director - Courtney Trowman

  • 1-7 Additional Performers

  • Lighting Designer - Chris Turner or Brad Spaulding

  • Photographer - Mike Mesikep


We may need a rehearsal space prior to performance. If so, details will be worked out with theater. This is subject to change upon seeing the production and the venue. 


ZDC typically carries its own sets. If additional items are needed that will be addressed with the person responsible for venue. ZDC also carries props; costumes; sound on mp3 and/or cd's, flash drive, and/or Dropbox; film(s) used in show on flash drive, or Dropbox to be displayed through the Presenter/Theater video projector, if show requires. If aerial equipment is needed for a project all aerial equipment is brought by ZDC, only need points for rigging from venue. All apparatus is brought, rigged, and checked by ZDC. Storage is ideally needed for set(s)/props, but this is optional. 


The presenter shall provide the following:

  • Smooth and even stage floor without gaps or torn wood panels. Preferable covered with Marley or comparable dance floor surface. Please notify us of the size of the space.

  • A proper fly system for aerial suspension if and when needed that can handle 800 pounds of weight. Please let us know what your space is capable of handling. We will modify any aerial work to fit your theatre. Will also need to know height of ceiling to floor, and distance to audience.(Actual specific needs depend on pieces performed. Typical are: a total of 7 hang points: two hang points no more than 1.5 meters apart. Five additional hang points at least 1.5 meters apart. Each hang point needs to support 400 pounds. This includes PSI for sudden falling weight.)

  • Two chairs to be used in performance, or know of where we may purchase one.

  • Sound system

  • Video projector

  • Lighting equipment

  • Dressing Rooms

  • Please advise for box office tickets, programs, flyers, and ad placement.