The Work.

"I was particularly impressed by the performers' candor - which continued even after the house lights came up. The audience was invited to share their impressions of the piece and ask the cast questions. There were no 'divas,' no 'prima donnas,' just artists earnestly interested in sharing with and learning from the recipients of their message."

                -Victoria Voreadi-Kontou, Producer

Paros, Greece

ZDC creates a visceral experience incorporating

theater, contemporary and aerial dance.

We are project oriented rather than yearly seasons.

Demo on right.

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The Endgame

A story of a man who is lost in his own world of virtual reality not knowing what is real from what is not. Show incorporates photos by Mike Mesikep and text by John McDonnell. Lighting by Chris Turner.

Premiered in Edinburgh Fringe Festival at theSpace. 

Still Life

An evening of new and exciting works from ZDC and International Guest Artist, Fanishwar Bhaskar from New Delhi, India.

Premiered "3-2-1" in Edinburgh Fringe


Special project for the David Bermant Foundation. Live aerial work with sculptures.


The Time in Between
Another Tarantino Story

"Gritty, sensual and unapologetic..."

Three new thrilling works: Another Tarantino Story, Episodes, and Conversation of Chairs,  that will leave you breathless. 

Poetry by Courtney Trowman.

Premiered at ZDC's home in Santa Ynez, and May-June at the Brighton Fringe, UK.​

Everything is Prelude

A brilliant evening of dance, theater, aerial, video media and moreAn intriguing look at poetry brought to life. Poet: John McDonnell.

Je T'aime 2
Je T'aime
Visage II
Between The Ages