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ZDC On Tour


What's Next...?


Okay, how weird is it to say our next show was supposed to be 2021! Things are still in a state of ebb and flow since the pandemic. This long awaited show is about an American Film Icon...details will be revealed soon!!! This project was slated for Santa Ynez, California; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Iceland; Norway; and Finland. We will keep you posted!

Outside of our venue!! We took a little break in rehearsal to check out where we will perf

Edinburgh Fringe, Twice!! 

ZDC took Europe by storm. First stop: Netherlands, then Germany and on to Scotland! Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration! 


Edinburgh shows were at C venues the first Fringe Festival we performed and the second at theSpaceUK.

ZDC was at Brighton Fringe!

The Largest Fringe Festival in England!

ZDC performed "Another Tarantino Story" at the Brighton Fringe Festival 2013, at the Lectern May and June. Also premiered our Assistant Director's new work: "A conversation of chairs," and a fun little piece by ZDC "Episodes."

Audiences grabbed a pint with the cast and chatted with us after the show! Much fun was to be had!

Rina interviewed

Festivals are amazing. You meet artists from every avenue, and the richness, diversity, and point of views are priceless. An interview was done by a Nigerian radio arts station in London.


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